ABSTRACT: The main functions of promotion are namely: to inform, pursue and remind the customers about your company’s product. Promotional mix is very important for creating and capturing the target market. It facilitates in creating competitive brand positioning and brand awareness. Designing a suitable promotional mix is critical and considered a key success factor. Designing [...]


BUSINESS ETHICS (MGT610) ASSIGNMENT NO. 01 DUE DATE: 12 NOVEMBER 2013 MARKS: 15 WEIGHTAGE: 0 Topic: Role of moral reasoning in business promotion Learning Objectives: This case study was designed for following objectives; 1. To enable the students for learning practical application of theoretical concepts. 2. To enable the students for learning practical importance of moral reasoning in business decisions. Learning Outcomes: This case [...]


After attempting this GDB students will be able to: Comprehend the importance of ethics in business practices. Analyze that how unethical business practices harm the other business’s revenues. Case: Microsoft is an American multinational software corporation that develops, manufactures, licenses, and supports a wide range of products and services related to computing. All over the world the companies and individuals use wide variety of its [...]

Announcement for Course Selection for Fall 2013

Announcement for Course Selection for Fall 2013 (Classes Commencement Date: Monday, October 28, 2013) The Course Selection link will be available from Tuesday, September 17, 2013 under Student Services Tab. The students are advised to logon to their respective VULMS account and select their course(s) immediately or at least before the semester commencement date. However, students may add/drop course(s) on or before [...]


As both Dynamic Programming and Greedy Strategy are used for solving Optimization problems and influenced by optimal-sub property; it might possible that one can attempt to find Greedy solution, if in fact Dynamic Programming is the right approach or vice versa. With this background, Knapsack problem (either 0/1 or Fractional) is a classic optimization problem to investigate with. You are required to support or contradict the [...]


A company is developing a database system containing information about cities, towns, and villages in the country. The number of cities, towns, and villages are in thousands and the database program should allow users to search a particular place by name. Users should also be able to search all places that match a particular value or range of values for attributes such as [...]


ABC Company is working on a newly assigned Java project which generate large amount of web contents dynamically. The critical requirements/constraints for this project includes: i) Application should be efficient and secure. ii) The application should be developed within limited time using Rapid Application Development (RAD) approach with existing team members. The Project Manager needs your recommendations and you have the choice to use either [...]


How do you see Pak-China relations in the current scenario? Post your comments after inferring the above topic. Your comments should NOT exceed from 100 to 120 words. Solution:  The relations between Pakistan and China are marked by deep rooted strategic harmony that reflects at every level individual, national, and international. The recent visit by [...]


Suppose you are working as a software developer in a company. You have been given a task to develop a software system design for some real world scenario. One of the basic activities of any software system design is to establish relationships between classes. Suppose at the stage of creating relationships for some classes, you have to choose either inheritance or composition [...]


Dynamic memory allocation by using pointers provides an efficient way of utilizing computer memory but such memory allocation may be problematic if not handled properly in program Solution: I do agree with this statement, pointer is a powerful feature of c++ and we all know the power can swing both sides good and evil. Pointer if used incorrectly leads to very difficult [...]

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